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GRC is the integrated correlation of all governance, risk, compliance and control activities. 



•    Creates an extensive framework for you to manage your institution’s information security stance.

•    Provides a perspective approach to the risk factors within the areas of work and institutions.

•    Allows institutions to be transparent and accountable on risk and compliance issues

•    Improves business performance and helps institutions to make more conscious decisions faster

•    Helps institutions to increase productivity by automizing operations

•    Provides a digitilized business control by demolishing conventional methods

•    Helps to perform a risk analysis throughout the company by establishing a relation between datas.

•    Reduces the unexpected risks in a proactive way.

•    Includes previously made integrations with many other technologies including safety tools and business support applications.

•    Provides institutional risk and compliance management that is embedded into basic work activities.

•    Protects and expands your business  value by analysing the risks all the while designing actions to improve institutional performance.

•    Balances legal and operational risks.

•    Adapts your processes to be compatible with internationally recognized business processes.



Define your GRC road map with Pars Cyber! 

• Reduces the operating expenses by focusing on the high priority risk areas and promoting the use of institution’s resources to a better direction. 

• By viewing high priority risks through notification mechanism it allows you to take precaution before it’s too late. 

• Plays a preventive role in critical data losses. 

• Expands business value by turning crises and challenges into opportunities. 

• Makes profit from the risks you face. 



•    Enables fast and easy access as a web based software which also has a user friendly and plain interface.

•    Availability for 24/7

•    Offers an interactive user experience with graph technology

•    Saves you from the workload of process monitoring through excel sheets

•    Offers easy integration

•    Provides easy access to the data being searched by its tracking and controlling

•    Allows you to import all data at once instead of manually entering thousands of data



Provides solutions to your demands through customer support services all work flow can be managed through enriched modules collects, interprets and saves your data coming from multiple sources in a secure and manageable platform Hierarchical structure inside the institution can directly be represented in the application Pars Cyber software developed by Turkish engineers is a total home product. While all data that is crucial for the company is saved in a digital and secure platform in Pars, they are under the user’s individual responsibility You may need to 
update your formulas for processes in Excel but in Pars Cyber they are easily affected by the metric of calculation that is set for once only.




The purpose of GRC Asset Module is to record all inventory of assets to the system, classify it accordingly to the needs of the institution and set common rules for these safety steps. The most important function of these assets which is applicable to be associated with vulnerability research and processes is that they take a role as a key element in risk analysis.

The extend of subjects which the asset inventory includes are as listed: Asset type, asset kind, asset format, place of asset, backup data, certificate information, asset value, asset ownership, class of asset, admissible assets usage and asset entity tag. Two types of asset records are kept in the system: “Technical” and “Informative” Assets that are more complex than the assets kept within institution (e.g. a monitor with a brand, product and version) is recorded to the system under the name of “technical asset”. Other sets are kept in the system as information asset. One or more asset owner is assigned for each asset. So by authorization users are only enabled to add, delete, view and create over the assets of their own department.

There is also authority roles for the users that is in the general authority level e.g. executives of ISMS (Information Security Management System). ISO 27001 ISMS Software carries a dynamic report receiving feature. While a report can be received through with the filtering option that provides customizing by being categorized by the criteria of the user, a standard report that is provided dynamically by the software can also be received. Informations on the protection of assets may be recorded within the scope of compliance to the information security management system.



Process management module provides the control of processes of your institution. The largest loss of companies are happening due to the process based mistakes, delayed problems and precautions that should have been taken to avoid further troubles. This module provides you an effective process management potentiality to get ahead of losses. A standard of a work in progress is defined and kept as a list. Than these assets are associated with the work in process. Assets that are about the critical business process also gets associated.

Provides the users a dynamic processing experience with the graph screen. 

Every process of institution is defined accordingly to their criticality. Module has the feature to receive dynamic reports. Prodives access to Process Module screen and processes with authorisation process. Assets that are about the critical business process also gets associated.



Possible losses that is caused by one or a chain of incidents that prevents the company from achieving their goals.

Managing your risk towards your future growth and of your existing assets most effectively and productively is the priority of your institution to gain a high performance in the long run. Pars Cyber software ensures that the resources and studies are focused on the priorities by foreseeing the risks and aims that your institution is ready for opportunities while defending it against incidents. Pars Cyber also ensures risk intelligence to your company.

Risk Analysis Diagram

Risks that have come to happen by vulnerabilities and threats are re-saved in the system as reduced risks after they go through the process of improvement, transfer, avoidance and acceptence. There is a synchronous operation between the cases of risk and risks. Risk management’s listing, deleting, adding and editing authorisation may be given.



“Discovery offers you a real time data collection to eliminate the challenges of security management”

- Log Collection

Logs are collected w/out Agent & Agentless based.

- Windows & Linux

Provides specialized solutions for Windows & Linux based operating systems.

- Agent Manager

Agent Manager filters the data that needs to be recorded. Data to be transfered to Pars Cyber will first  be classified by the Agent Manager.

- Data Classification

Except from computers, data classification uses SNMP Trap connect to other components such as network devices to collect logs.



“Always be safe and prepared against attacks with Vulnerability Scanning”

Technology eases our lives more everyday but if the necessary precautions are not taken, it also eases the work of people who will do harm to us. Vulnerability scanning process is planned by analyzing institution’s safety policies.

•    Web architecture analysis

•    Business impact analysis

•    Revealing the threats

•    Risk modelling

•    Confirming found vulnerabilities

•    Detecting physical vulnerabilities



Perfect solution to real time big data queries. 

In mathematics, graph theory is the study of graphs. A graph is a kind of network topology that consists of several nodes (vertex) and edges (arc, relation) that connects these nodes. 


Manage Types of Things/Neo4j for GraphDB 

Easy to manage overwhelmingly and constantly changing thing types 


Sets fast and easy connection between datas 

On the contrary of other databases, relations are a priority in graphic databases. This means,  there is no obligation to set data connections by using out-of-band processes like MapReduce. 


Connection of Big Data 

Helps you to manage data by setting detail hierarchy of different sizes for big data such as the demographical, geographical dimensions etc. 


Online Graph Modelling 

Capable of online controlling the forming, reading and updating processes that runs on a graph model. 


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