NOP HUNTER is a platform based on an award system, where third parties are informed about the possible vulnerabilities of institutions and organizations. Users are rewarded according to the criticality of the vulnerability they found by reporting it to the platform that they found the vulnerability among the stated active programs. Users can pick up rewards as well as badges and medals, bringing them to the top of the overall rankings on the platform. The institutions and organizations have launched a low cost system to examine different security experts.

Users, in addition to receiving rewards for the reports they have reported, have a supportive profile for their career.

You may have different cyber security experts from NOP HUNTER to test your systems. This allows you to have better analysis of the vulnerabilities in your system and receive better test results through more efficient penetration tests than the traditional ones.

Security experts diversify testing algorithms with broad security vulnerability scenarios and enhanced attack motivations. You can manage your programs, access reports by experts and see distributed awards.

Create and publish your program immediately!

Nowadays, the adoption of modern software engineering with continuous development brings with it continuous security. NOP HUNTER manages the vulnerability coordination for many sectors. It actively promotes the biggest hacker communities to conduct continuous security research on your products and systems with award programs and carries the level of research to the next level.

Bug Bounty programs are integral parts of the Software Development Lifecycle. Bug Bounty is a dynamic security format.

The error begins during the development phase and ends with development at the same time. Dynamic systems with distributed architecture require a security solution with the same dynamism.

The output of the Bug Bounty program is always analyzed and transferred to the security operation center. These predictions allow you to make data-driven decisions in your day-to-day operations.

The output of Bug Bounty programs gives you real- time information about your security posture and helps you focus and prioritize your operation. With the right incentives, there are always hackers ready to find a crack in your system. Reflect your users that you are transparent. Earn confidence.


Unlike traditional penetration tests.

Bug Bounty

Conventional Penetration Test

Test envirorenment with the competency of hundreds of security specialists

Limited number of test specialists

Outcome-oriented payment system

Effort-driven payment system

Reduces the market access time of your product

Single test is performed at the end of development process. Access to market time is interminable

Competitive environment. First to report the vulnerability is rewarded.

Non-competitive environment. Business-qaulity oriented.

Payment per-vulnerability model

Payment per-report model

Establishing a transparent and adopting culture towards cyber security practises

Fulfils the adaptation requirements by establishing a fear culture

Offers tests for more complex security vulnerability scenarios

Offers tests between limited persons and limited areas

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