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Strategic solution and business partnership

IntelProbe and Crypttech signed a strategic solution and partnership agreement. With this agreement;

There will be cooperation in the field of cyber threat intelligence.

SIEM and Security Operations Center will be partnered.

Minister of Industry

Minister of Industry Mustafa Varank, Deputy Minister Mehmet Fatih Kacır and SAHA Chairman Haluk Bayraktar and Alper Özbilen made inspections in our hardware production facility.

Business partnership

The strategic solution and business partnership agreement between IntelProbe and Trapmine was signed.

With this agreement;
There will be cooperation in the field of cyber threat intelligence.
Joint business models will be developed for endpoint security and incident response.

solution partnership agreement

A strategic solution partnership agreement was signed between IntelProbe, Komtaş and Mysa.

With this agreement;

Collaboration on cyber analytics platform and big data issues.

A common product strategy on crime analysis will be established.

The ever-evolving technology offers a wide range of attacks for hackers as well as the benefits it offers.
“Relevant, reliable, effective and actionable cyber intelligence provided in accordance with your security mission”
We analyze business processes of the institutions in detail and determine the necessary points or missing points for the compliance of the processes with the related standards.
When everything is connected, security is everything. That's why Raytheon delivers solutions that protect every side of cyber for government agencies, businesses and nations. Protecting the most critical information, systems and operations with breakthrough solutions — to make the world a safer place.