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Take a different approach to the Starlınk project.

Although the internet as we know it today was born in 1991, it has become an important power that influences and shapes our lives as of the early 2000s. This is such an effect that we can define even generations as before and after the internet.

Broadband internet technologies also developed rapidly, while it became easier to obtain internet services in the process. 20 years ago, you had to have a strong budget to get "broadband" internet service. Of course, I am talking about 128kbps ADSL service, not tens of megabit, gigabit broadband as now. Today, we can reach 100Mbps bandwidth with the mobile phones we carry in our pocket. The fees we pay for this service are not at the same level as they used to be. This development does not slow down, on the contrary, it continues with acceleration. In the coming years, broadband internet offered by satellite networks with features that will go beyond traditional satellite internet will become much more common. A few giant companies of the world make significant investments in this field, but one of them has an advantage; SpaceX.

SpaceX, owned by Elon Musk, is now leading the race due to the important innovations it has made in rocket technology. In this article, we will try to look at the details of the Starlink project carried out by SpaceX from a different perspective.

Within the framework of the Starlink project, SpaceX aims to establish an interconnected network of small satellites in order to provide high speed internet service to the world. Moreover, if the project is successful, high-speed access will be possible (almost) anywhere in the world, from the oceans to the most remote forest areas.

How fast will Starlink's internet be? The company is assessing that it can achieve 100Mbps download and 40Mbps upload speeds. Although it is unclear whether consumers will reach the same level, even 600Mbps was achieved in a test with the US Air Force.

When asked whether games such as Starlink and Warzone, Fortnite and NBA 2K are playable, Musk stated that Starlink is designed to run competitive games in real time. According to Musk, the delay time is around 20ms and in Version 2, which will be placed in lower orbits, the delay time can be reduced to 8ms.

As of now, SpaceX has received authorization from the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) to launch 12,000 Starlink satellites. It is planned that 8,000 of the 12,000 satellites in question will orbit 500 km and 4,000 of the planet approximately 1,200 km above the planet. However, SpaceX asked permission from ITU (International Telecommunication Union) to launch 30,000 more satellites in addition to these 12,000 satellites in October 2019. Approximately 600 Starlink satellites have been launched so far.

SpaceX senior executive Gwynne Shotwell stated that building the network would cost the company $ 10 billion or more. It is unclear whether these massive costs will be covered by SpaceX or its competitors. As a matter of fact, SpaceX's rival OneWeb filed for bankruptcy on March 27, just after launching 34 satellites on March 21, increasing the total number of satellites to 74. Considering the previous bankruptcies, it is possible to say that this area is risky. Despite the high cost and past unsuccessful examples, if the Starlink project is implemented at the desired level, the benefits to be obtained are quite high.

As of now, SpaceX is worth approximately $ 36 billion. According to Morgan Stanley's assessment in July 2020, if the Starlink project is a success, it is possible for SpaceX to increase its value to 175 billion dollars.

Consumers will be able to connect to Starlink's internet via devices called user terminals. User terminals are defined by Musk as flat, pizza-shaped antennas. Unlike dishes, which are highly sensitive according to Musk, user terminals can be placed at almost any angle facing the sky.

While SpaceX aims for consumers to acquire user terminals for $ 200-300, analysts estimate that each of these devices costs at least $ 1,200 each. Therefore, there is a discrepancy in terms of cost. In a statement he made to Aviation Week, Musk admitted this situation; He stated that the biggest challenge for Starlink is to make the user terminal and user terminal costs affordable.

Information on monthly subscription fees for the service has not yet been shared via official channels. Shotwell said millions of people in the US pay $ 80 each month for a "lousy" service, although he did not provide information as to whether Starlink's monthly subscription fee is under or over $ 80. Accordingly, there is a public opinion that the monthly price will be around $ 80. Therefore, as Musk points out, if the costs of user terminals can be reduced, it is possible for Starlink's internet to be an accessible service (at least in certain markets).

What about the demand side? SpaceX announced that almost 700,000 individuals in the US are interested in the service Starlink has not yet served, and accordingly there is an "extraordinary demand" for Starlink. In addition, SpaceX applied to the FCC to increase the number of user terminals from 1 million to 5 million in line with this potential demand, which exceeded expectations.

SpaceX aims for Starlink to first start serving in the North USA and Canada in 2020. Starlink's potential customers are not limited to individual consumers. For example, even the partial activation of Starlik is expected to benefit the financial sector.

There are also some concerns brought about by Starlink or similar systems.

(1) Currently, with social media and different communication applications, the information of citizens from many countries is in the hands of a limited number of countries that can be described as a monopoly. Thanks to the value of this information collected, social media companies that do not charge any fees from their users can earn huge revenues. When Starlink and projects like it are implemented, much more information will be in the hands of the companies and / or companies that manage these systems. In short, when we start to receive our internet connection, which is currently received through national telecommunication companies, from satellites, the information will almost be collected in one hand.

(2) It is quite possible for national telecommunication companies to suffer significant subscriber losses if Starlink is put into operation at full capacity. It may be expected that national telecommunications companies that suffer from loss of subscribers and income will have difficulties in making new investments and adapting to the competitive environment. National telecommunications companies may have to sacrifice their technological updates and human resources. Ultimately, the activation of Starlink may harm nation states through different fields such as economic, technological and security.

(3) There are also concerns that Starlink will increase the risk of creating space junk, pose a threat to spaceflight and make astronomy studies difficult by causing light pollution.

With all these possible benefits and harms, it seems possible that Starlink and / or its competitors will become a power affecting global balances in the upcoming period.

Ulus Devletler Açısından Tehdit Değerlendirmesi Haziran 2020 Raporu

Kaynak: SavunmaTR

IntelProbe data science internship program continues.

The data science internship program organized by IntelProbe continues with 40 students.

Speaking about the internship program, Işıl Özden, IntelProbe Deputy Sales and Marketing Manager, stated that the IntelProbe data science internship program is a very important internship program for the future of students.

Işıl Özden, IntelProbe Sales and Marketing Assistant Manager, said the following about the data science internship program.

"We never hesitate to take responsibility for young talents"

"In fact, we have completed the applications of the data science internship program, which we started before and opened the senses in June, as of July. As a result of the evaluation of these applications, we have started the studies of 40 students as of Monday, July 13. In the field of big data machine learning, video-sound processing and distributed systems, we want to give our students experience and prepare them for their career lives in this sense. As Intelprobe, we actually want to bring our country's young talents to the field of data science. we are not afraid of time. "

Ege Kemahlıoğlu, one of the students within the scope of IntelProbe summer internship, stated that the IntelProbe internship program has improved herself in practicing.

"We were able to put the information we learned more theoretically in school into practice here."

"I think the program is very beneficial. Because a 2-month process will add a lot to us. During this 2-month period, information from quantum computer to data science, from data science to data analytics, then to the legal evaluation of this and how the data should be analyzed instantly. We were able to put the information we learned more theoretically in school into practice here actually. "

Ufuk Süngü, one of the 40 students who were eligible to participate in IntelProbe's program, stated that he positively stated his career plans during his summer internship.

"I am trying to unite the cyber security field alongside artificial intelligence"

"Beyond knowing the subject or not, we are happy to learn lessons from people who have seen the industry, who are doing business in the sector, and who continue to do things. Frankly, I am trying to combine the field of cyber security alongside artificial intelligence. I have a career goal where I can combine these two fields."

Sena Karadeniz, who was entitled to participate in the IntelProbe internship program, explained that the program affected her personal development as follows.

"I'm getting a professional education for my career"

"So far, there has been a productive internship program. I think it is an efficient education with both theoretical and practical applications. I wanted to get professional training here because I wanted to advance my career."

Deren Seren Salman, who conveyed his achievements in the IntelProbe internship program, used the following statements.

"We see the benefits of the internship program a lot."

“We receive information on data science. We obtain information in the field of machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence. Processing data becomes difficult, so it is aimed here to be able to process real data real time data. We see the benefits of the internship program a lot. "

Topics of the data science internship program are as follows;

Artificial intelligence
Artificial neural networks
Machine Learning
Deep Learning
Text Analysis & Natural Language Processing
Big Data Infrastructures
Data mining
Data Analytics
Real Time Data Analysis
Digital Signal Processing
Sound Processing
Image processing
Hybrid Quantum Research
Shor's Algorithm
Grover Algorithm
Quantum Machine Learning
Ethics and Laws in Data and Analytics Applications
IT law
International Information Law

Advice to candidates who will make a university choice 'do not stay away from software'

Pavotek and IntelProbe Chairman Dr. Alper Özbilen domestic technology companies and Turkey, said that the need for young people working in the field of advanced technology.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Alper Özbilen said that success is important, but having a horizon that cannot be drawn with a single exam is much more valuable, "Success in business life depends on continuous self-improvement, perseverance and work." used the expressions.

Turkey's future science, technology and R & D in that and without telling them that the expansion of the economic capacity of the country and not be able to be a player in the international arena Özbilen, said:

"I will not talk about imagination, but I would like to point out that success is not possible without imagination. The horizons of a young person should not be narrowed only by the stress of how to find a job as soon as they graduate. Young people should not position themselves as a passive object to be employed only. they should see the qualification in themselves.

Based on the data, I would like to express many concrete in front of Turkey is bright and is increasing production capacity in specific areas of business. A lot of people graduate from Turkey, capabilities, thanks to the energy and the investments they made themselves come to an important place in the world's leading universities and companies. We see that the share allocated to R&D activities in our country is increasing day by day and that important incentives, especially in the field of technology, have reached the power to grow different sectors in terms of both volume and number. "

"We are planning activities with students and alumni at the Data Science Research Center"

Pavotek and IntelProbe Chairman Dr. Alper Özbilen reminded that in the last 10 years, very serious support has been given to the fields of information and defense industry, "For example, today the volume of defense projects has reached 60 billion dollars, and defense industry projects exceeded 700. This will increase even more. He also reveals the human power who wants to show his talent by saying 'I am here too.' he spoke.

Pointing out that the product culture based on projects and technology obtained from the defense industry acts as a locomotive for industrial and civilian areas, as in other examples of success in the world, Özbilen continued his words as follows:

"In addition, new working areas are emerging for young people who want to build their careers with university-industry collaborations, which are among the priority agendas of TÜBİTAK and YÖK. In addition to different institutions and organizations, many private companies such as ours also energize the young and dynamic population. For example, employing our colleagues, who are 20 percent of our own company and who have not yet graduated, as long-term interns in important topics such as big data, artificial intelligence, cyber security, embedded software, mobile application development, hardware design. We have adopted the policy.

We continue the productization processes based on R&D with more than one university. We opened programs for our young friends in our incubation center in Ankara. We plan to carry out many research activities with our friends who have just graduated or who are still students with the 'Data Science Research Center', which we are continuing to open in the Informatics Valley this fall. We see these activities as an effort to gain new skills and build the future with them, as well as social responsibility. "

"The obstacle to a good career, the appetite for effortless results"

Özbilen local technology companies and Turkey's horizon; Stating that they need young people in satellite, space, quantum technologies, advanced avionic system design, cryptology, chip and sensitive electronic component production, sensor technologies, he concluded his words as follows:

"Our young friends, who are on the verge of making important decisions about their future with the rush of university preference, should not stay away from computer and computer sciences, especially software, be it basic science disciplines such as mathematics, physics, chemistry or engineering branches such as electronics, industry, machinery. To know a certain amount of software means to be able to read and write in today's conditions.

Many abilities that complement the profession, such as learning software, can be acquired more easily than expected with materials to be obtained on the internet or through a number of courses, but above all with willingness and patience. Career is built not only by school and department, but by the sum of all kinds of efforts. The biggest obstacle to a good career is the appetite for shortcuts and effortless results. "

Source: Anadolu Ajansı

You have so much power...

CEOs of US Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple, the giants of the global technology market, testified to the US Congress on July 29 regarding allegations of monopolization and monopolization in the US market.
In his speech, Democrat David Cicilline, Chairman of the Congressional Commission, cited historical examples and said that American democracy has always been "at war" with monopoly power. In this context, according to Cicilline, the USA has taken action to prevent private companies from controlling the American economy and democracy. As can be understood from this statement, taking the testimony of the US digital giants before the senate is also seen within the same scope. My personal assessment of the issue, this expression process itself, and how it is done publicly, is both a sign of self-confidence and an implicit challenge. All in all, I would like to point out that it is an admirable process.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg called the tech industry "an American success story," but according to Cicilline, these four giants have a lot of power, and that power eliminates forms of competition, creativity and innovation.
What is the source of the power of US companies with which the US Congress is in a "struggle" or in its appearance? As Republican Jim Sensenbrenner has made clear, the technology market is based on data; the market is managed by those who have the data. So "whoever controls data controls the market."
While their data provides technology giants with the opportunity to directly influence the USA, this situation also makes it necessary to ask new questions.

In line with Sensenbrenner's statement, we can list the questions as follows:
“(1) Who is the owner of the data?
(2) What is the responsibility of companies to share this (data) with their customers or competitors?
(3) What is the fair market value of these data?
(4) Is there anything monopolistic in obtaining these data?
(5) How about monetizing (monetizing) this data? "
The answers to these crucial questions are not clear for the US or the global market. This state of uncertainty was clearly observed in the statements of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Indeed, after Democrat Pramila Jayapal asked Bezos whether Amazon had access to sellers' data while making its decisions, Bezos said he could not answer this question as yes or no. Accordingly, Bezos stated that although it has a policy not to use vendor data, it cannot guarantee that this policy has never been violated.

Democrat Val Demings stated that Google sells behavioral ads and asked Google CEO Sundar Pichai whether the company earned more revenue as the amount of user data collected increased. Pichai claimed that this was not true in general. According to Pichai, most of the data collected by Google is helpful and offers personalized experiences.
It should not be forgotten that in recent years, the EU has imposed sanctions on companies such as Google, Apple and Facebook, mostly due to their policies and attitudes towards anti-competitive action. What we need to keep in mind is the fact that these companies, which have now become part of our lives and even business processes, have their own interests and that they have reached a worrying power even for their own countries.
The clarification of the answers to the above questions regarding the data is also extremely valuable in the interests of countries outside the USA and citizens of different countries. It is an important necessity that these questions directed to CEOs in the USA, the home country of technology giants, become questionable in our country, which is only a market at the moment.

When data is processed, it is information. Knowledge is money, power. The amount of abundant, diverse and qualified knowledge is great power, that is, power. At the moment, the power of the US digital technology giants worries even the US senators, while our indifference and silence is historically a heavy responsibility. We need much more discussion and questioning on rational and academic grounds, not in the context of domestic politics, but in the context of the national market, national security, and the obligation to protect its citizens from danger they are unaware of.


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Pavotek ve IntelProbe Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı Dr. Alper Özbilen, "Kovid-19 sürecinde üretim hacmimizde hiçbir aksamaya mahal vermeksizin yerli imkanlarla milli teknoloji geliştirmeyi sürdürüyoruz" ifadelerini kullandı.

İSTANBUL (AA) - Pavotek ve IntelProbe Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı Dr. Alper Özbilen, Türk savunma sanayii ve bilişim sektörünün bir parçası olarak Türkiye'nin 2023 vizyonundan vazgeçmeyeceklerini belirterek, "Üretim hacmimizde hiçbir aksamaya mahal vermeksizin yerli imkanlarla milli teknoloji geliştirmeyi sürdürüyoruz." ifadelerini kullandı.

Pavotek ve IntelProbe açıklamasında görüşlerine yer verilen Pavotek ve IntelProbe Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı Dr. Alper Özbilen, dünyada Kovid-19 salgını sebebiyle büyük bir kriz yaşandığını, Türkiye'de ise bu sürecin birçok Avrupa ve Asya ülkelerine kıyasla kontrol altında ilerlediğini ifade etti.

Devletin Kovid-19'e yönelik sıkı tedbirler aldığını ve Cumhurbaşkanı Recep Tayyip Erdoğan'ın çağrısı doğrultusunda çalışan sağlığını göz önünde bulundurarak büyük ölçüde evden çalışmaya başladıklarını aktaran Özbilen, "Zorlu şartlara rağmen savunma elektroniği ve yazılımı alanındaki yüksek birikimimizi ve üretim kapasitemizi sağlık alanındaki acil ihtiyaçları gözeterek süratle revize ettik." değerlendirmesinde bulundu.

- "Yerli imkanlarla milli teknoloji geliştirmeyi sürdürüyoruz"

Özbilen, Kovid-19 salgını sebebiyle birçok sektörün ikinci dünya savaşından bu yana en büyük küresel krizini yaşadığını, bu sektörlerin yok olma veya küçülme tehlikesiyle karşı karşıya olduğunu hatırlatarak, şunları kaydetti:

"Ülkemizin de 11 Mart'tan bu yana muhatap kaldığı salgın karşısında, ekonomik düşüşlerin yaşandığı bir döneme girdik. Pavotek ve IntelProbe şirketleri olarak, istihdam oluşturmaya devam ettiğimiz gibi üretim hacmimizde hiçbir aksamaya mahal vermeksizin yerli imkanlarla milli teknoloji geliştirmeyi sürdürüyoruz.

Ülkemizi sadece bir pazar olarak gören ve bugün acil ihtiyaçlar noktasında neredeyse telefonlara bile çıkmayan, global olduğunu iddia etse de kendi ülke ihtiyaç ve öncelikleri söz konusu olduğunda ülkemizi sadece iyi gün dostu olduğunu kanıtlayanları da görme fırsatı bulduk."

- "2023 vizyonundan vazgeçmeyeceğiz"

Türk savunma sanayii ve bilişim sektörünün bir parçası olarak Türkiye'nin 2023 vizyonundan asla vazgeçmeyeceklerini ve yerli ekosistem olarak daha aydınlık yarınlara ulaşılacağından emin olduklarını belirten Özbilen, şu ifadeleri kullandı:

"Yerli tasarım ve üretimin geliştirilmesini sürekli destekleyen Cumhurbaşkanlığı başta olmak üzere Savunma Sanayii Başkanlığı, Sanayi ve Teknoloji Bakanlığı ve ülkemizin milli şirketleri olan ve bu süreçte de çalışmalarımızı aksatmadan devam ettirdiğimiz ASELSAN, TUSAŞ, HAVELSAN'a teşekkür ederiz. Pavotek ve IntelProbe şirketleri olarak Cumhurbaşkanımızın başlattığı 'Bize Bize Yeteriz Türkiyem' kampanyasına personelimizle birlikte destek olmaya devam edeceğiz.

Çağdaş ekonominin, üretim tarzı ve alışkanlıklarının Kovid-19 sonrasında önemli değişikliklere gebe olduğunu görüyoruz. Bunun için topyekün bir değerlendirme ve hatta aydınlanmaya ihtiyaç olduğunun farkındayız. Kimler kaybeder bilemeyiz ancak, Türkiye'ye, insanımıza ve yerli birikimimize inananların kazanacağından eminiz."

Kaynak: Anadolu Ajansı


Minister of Industry Mustafa Varank, Deputy Minister Mehmet Fatih Kacır and SAHA Chairman Haluk Bayraktar and Alper Özbilen made inspections in our hardware production facility.


The strategic solution and business partnership agreement between IntelProbe and Trapmine was signed.

With this agreement;
There will be cooperation in the field of cyber threat intelligence.
Joint business models will be developed for endpoint security and incident response.


A strategic solution partnership agreement was signed between IntelProbe, Komtaş and Mysa.

With this agreement;

Collaboration on cyber analytics platform and big data issues.

A common product strategy on crime analysis will be established.


HAVELSAN and INTELPROBE signed Cyber Security Cooperation Agreement.


In this context, both companies;
Develop cyber security software at national and international level.

Joint R & D studies will be done.

It will act jointly in the field of cyber intelligence.


IntelProbe took part in the GISEC 2019 Fair in Dubai, attended by over 170 companies.

The ever-evolving technology offers a wide range of attacks for hackers as well as the benefits it offers.
“Relevant, reliable, effective and actionable cyber intelligence provided in accordance with your security mission”
We analyze business processes of the institutions in detail and determine the necessary points or missing points for the compliance of the processes with the related standards.
When everything is connected, security is everything. That's why Raytheon delivers solutions that protect every side of cyber for government agencies, businesses and nations. Protecting the most critical information, systems and operations with breakthrough solutions — to make the world a safer place.